From Incheon International Airport (IIA)
Incheon International Airport (IIA) is the biggest international airport in Korea. Most international flights arrive at IIA. IIA is located in Incheon, which is about 28km from Seoul, the country's capital city. Sogang University is located at Sinchon, Seoul, and is about 50-60 minutes away from IIA by means of transportation such as airport limousine bus, airport train (AREX) or taxi.
By Airport Limousine Bus
Right outside of the arrival floor of the Airport, look for bus stop "5B" or "12A". The limousine bus, numbered 6002, will take you to Sinchon Station. It will take about 50 minutes to get to Sinchon by the limousine bus. The fare for the limousine is about KRW 13,000 (about USD 10). Sogang University is a 10~15 minutes' walk from the station.
Bus Number 6002
Where to get on Bus stop "5B" or "12A"
Bus Type Limousine (Standard)
Interval 15 minutes
Travelling Time About 50 minutes
First Bus For Airport 04:30
For Seoul 05:30
Last Bus For Airport 21:00
For Seoul 23:30
Where to get off Sinchon Station
Fees KRW 13,000
When you get off at Sinchon Station, it is best to take a taxi from the bus stop to Gonzaga dormitory considering the baggages that you may have. You may tell the taxi driver to drop you off at the rear gate (pronounced "hoo-moon") of Sogang University. Gonzaga dormitory is right next to the rear gate.

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By Airport Train (AREX)
Another way to get to Sogang University is to take the airport train AREX ( to Hongik University or Gong Deok Station. From the arrival hall at the airport, go down to B1 floor and follow signs to Transportation Center. It takes about 40~50 minutes and costs about KRW 4,000. From Hongik University or Gong Deok Station, take a taxi and ask the taxi driver to drop you off at the rear gate (pronounced "hoo-moon") of Sogang University. It takes 10-15 minutes depending on the traffic conditions and cost about KRW 3,000 to 4,000. (The closer station to Sogang University would be Gong Deok Station)
By Taxi
You may also take a taxi on the first floor of the airport at the passenger terminal between platform "4D" and "8C". There are three kinds of taxis; Standard, Deluxe and Jumbo (up to 9 passengers). A Standard taxi will cost at least KRW 60,000 (about USD 55-60), while the fare of the Deluxe or Jumbo Cab costs much more. In addition to the above fare, you must pay the toll fee of about KRW 7,100. Make sure to carry enough Korean currency with you because taxi fares may vary depending on the traffic conditions and not all taxis take credit cards.

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